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Oh boy... The Lighting, the shading, and the light reflection are very well done. The shading I feel, is well spread among the wings, t...

Where to begin? I guess I'll start with what I noticed first (Emphasis). One of the things that caught my eye was the "aura" surroundin...


Simply the best piece in the entire universe The best since Leonardo da vinchi's codes and Mona Lisa. DAN OUTTA DAN 1500/10 REMARKABLE ...





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Now A Secret
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Other website I'm on:…

MyBanks101, Kemarux, WOLFBLADE111, Foziz105, Migwally-Zero,

I'm a fan of many things, such as stuff from FNaF all the way to HALO. One book I like is
"Enchanted Forest Chronicles" Which is a fun "little" fantasy story containing dragons, princes, princesses, witches/magic. In the second story, it's almost like
"you are the chosen one" theme to it.
Anyways, a little more about me:

Favorite food(s)-
Tuna sandwich, mashed potato's, pasta/SPAGHETTI,
PB sandwich, hot dogs, hamburgers, choc. muffins, and

Favorite Games-
COD:WaW to COD: B. Ops 1, DOOM, Skyrim, HALO, 1066, Warfare 1917 to Warfare 1944, and Checkers.

Favorite Movie's/Shows-
Princess Bride, Predator, Rocky 1 2 3, Pacific Rim,
Real Steel, Godzilla 2014, The Simpsons, Ajin,
Star Wars 4 5 6 7, Hulk Vs, Transformers,
The Water Horse, Terminator 1 2 5, WWE,
and Short Circuit.

Sports I've been in-
Track & Field, Wrestling, Archery, Baseball,
& Martial Arts.

Favorite Youtubers-
Markiplier, Jackcepticeye, TomatoGaming, KuleDud3, M3RKMUS1C,
FaZe Jev, BedBananna, Sky Does Minecraft, Vanoss Gaming,
H2o Delirious, Mini Ladd, ERB, Tiger Productions, WHZGUD2, and Matthew Santoro.

Favorite Bands-
Disturbed, Metallica, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Five Finger Death Punch, Thrice, September Mourning, Sixx:A.M., Escape the Fate, Papa Roach,
Hollywood Undead, and Adelitas Way.

Favorite Superhero(s)/Anti hero(s)-
Hulk, Thor, Punisher, Deadpool, Hercules, Namor, Superman, Sentry,
The Flash, Spider Man, Toxin, Black Widow, Black Panther, Iron Man,
Captain America, She Hulk, Star Lord, Black Bolt, Dr. Strange,
Blue Beetle, Wolverine, Doom Guy, Master Chief, Riddick, Kratos,
Johnny Cage, Lu Kang, Moon Knight, and Colossus.

Favorite Villain(s)-
Doomsday, Carnage, The Lizard, Joker, Deathstroke, Venom, Thanos, Killer Croc, Dormammu, Red Skull, Juggernaut, Onslaught, Boba Fett,
Darth Vader, Dr. Doom, Task Master, Galactus, Anti Monitor, Bane, Ultron,
Lex Luthor, Shao Kahn, and Hannible Lecter.

home work, home work, home work, home work home work, home work, home work, home work..... AND home work!

Other likes-
Cats, Dogs, Lizards, Sleeping, Drawing stuff (duh), chat with friends, and my NOW two little sisters.


The Aurora Blob
(Code) Name: Froogle
Height: (Varries on amount eaten)
Weight: (Varries on amount eaten)

The Aurora Blob is a supposed almost fully sentient gelatinous mass only found on one planet. Thadus 91 (the apparent home word) is not without a spot taken without these rather curious life forms. Oddly some regions we mapped had their own distinct variation of these gelatinous beings, along with the varying colors... We've discovered through some accidental incidents, the variations also come with a distinct flavor as well, these flavors usually range from fruits and berries. We are starting to learn more from one of these specimens, though they lack a digestive organ, it is apparent that a specimen such as one we have contained can eat, or rather "absorb" a vast assortment of objects of organic or non-organic materials. Which in turn depending on the volume it eats, the specimens seem to have a rather drastic outcome of size manipulation of a sort. It can absorb object seemingly from any of their limbs. They also seem to be able have enough control to not dissolve an object, almost morally, when an experiment was conducted with a living subject, they were still fully intact afterwards.

Characteristics:  Very playful, Notably curious,
Goliath Updated (Regular)
Height: 8'10"

Weight: 573 lbs

Record (updated): 264-2-3 (two of his losses came from distracted interference)

Time as Champion:
First title reign - 6 years
Second reign - 8 years
Third reign - 3 years (still going)

Teacher/Coach: Vladimir Petrenko
Allies: Havoc and Vladimir
Since Phantom and Death are in a 600+ years of battle, The Elder is the only one without defeat. Since both are its sons, he always wins... 
Devil Specter
"Heh heh heh heh heh heh... Heroes... Almost always the same story with them... Tragedy strikes... They morn... Revenge... Then try to make themselves pure... What of villains? What of their tragedies? Looked down upon... You won't be needing more heroes anytime soon... You'll just be leading them to a fate worse than the Nether Isles... The Hell above all Hell's... MY HELL"

Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown

Name: Unknown

Reality Warping
- Complete control of dream realms
- Corruption
- Time Travel
- Future Insight
- Matter Manipulation
- Soul Ripper


DragonGladi8or has started a donation pool!
243 / 1,300
Donate if ya feel like, any amount is very much welcomed.
Trying to get a three month core as some goal.

Have a nice day!!!

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