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Magical Mishap by DragonGladi8or Magical Mishap :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 4 5
Little Fox Adopts
NOTE: All these were designed using Fox Creator 1.2

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Slumber by DragonGladi8or
12 [Points]
Forester by DragonGladi8or
10 [Points]
Lazar by DragonGladi8or
12 [Points]
Deep Swamp by DragonGladi8or
14 [Points]
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 1 0
Fractured Dreams: Chapters 18 - 19
        Everything’s dark...I’m scared... I’m cold...I’m lonely. “Wake up little one, your mission is only just starting.” Cody opened his eyes and was instantly greeted by light. He shifted a small bit and realized he was in a soft bed. He tried to get up, causing his muscles to scream in protest. The pain made him fall back down with a small squeal. A fuzzed out silhouette of a much larger dragon draws nearer to the small dragon, with one thing besides the size is a rather large glowing object nearly dead center of their chest. Then a beautiful humming fades into Cody’s hearing. But soon the humming became more demented as a darker faded silhouette walks next to the other dragon, but not bearing any draconic features. Standing on two feet, with a long object he held in a hand. As the vision became clear, the warm feeling from the other dragon ceases, and the other figure has a to
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 2 0
Justice (New Update) by DragonGladi8or Justice (New Update) :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 9 1 Justice Evolution + Name Change by DragonGladi8or Justice Evolution + Name Change :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 3 3
Fractured Dreams: Chapters 16 - 17
    Before Opi began collecting edible supplies, she sensed the slightest of vibrations and when looking up, she saw a vertical stream of Hell Fire. Also picking up another life force signature, comprised of a feral and evil intent. Opi dropped the supplies and burst into a full sprint and with a single beat of her wings, she was lifted far from the ground makes a bee-line towards the black fire. Her eyes narrowed down at an opening beside the base of the mountain, then realizing that Skyler lay upon his side, and Cody at his side, “Oh no…” Opi then dived down in a graceful manner, after landing softly, she galloped towards Cody and Skyler. After getting within a few meters away Opi caught sight of a nasty gash in Skyler’s side and gasped. Cody caught sight of Opi and turned to face her. As she drew closer she saw his eyes were filled with tears. “Opi,” he sniveled, “What are we gonna do?” O
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 3 0
The Inbetweeners of Specter-Verse by DragonGladi8or The Inbetweeners of Specter-Verse :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 3 0 The Tyrants and Demented of Specter-Verse by DragonGladi8or The Tyrants and Demented of Specter-Verse :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 3 0 The Guardians of Specter-verse (Updated) by DragonGladi8or The Guardians of Specter-verse (Updated) :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 3 0
Fractured Dreams: Chapters 13 - 15
    Skyler had tried repeatedly to try to transform back into his regular form while Opi had gone off in search for more substantial food, and Cody. While in the middle of his 24th long attempt to revert, he heard a faint voice calling for him… It was Cody! Skyler’s eyes open and slowly crept to the edge of the cave entrance platform, peering down from it. Sure enough, he saw the little dragon known as Cody at the base of the mountain. But noticed dark clouds creeping nearer to Cody. Skylers eyes and stripes flared in fury, glowing a bright red, and began to jump off the mountain. He slid down the mountains ark, then jumped off to swoop down to Cody. Skyler landed over the small dragon, standing in a defensive pose and unleashed an ungodly roar. 
    Cody’s eyes widened as Skyler’s shadow flew over him. Whipping around Cody saw the de
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 3 0
Fractured Dreams: Chapters 11 + 12
    Opi & Skyler
    During the night of when Skyler had transformed to his demonic half, Opi and Skyler stared at each other for a bit. Noticing that Skyler’s expression change and began to tear up and muttered in a whisper and saw him spread his wings and propel himself into the air and zoom off in the night sky. Opi looked back at the still sleeping Cady and back at the direction Skyler headed, then glancing back to Cody, Stay strong… Opi said while lightly nudging Cody and flew off in search for Skyler that night. Skyler flew swiftly through the air at extraordinary speed, but his intent was to not let his other half take him over and unleash it’s intent, especially little ones like Cody, "I- I can’t… I can’t go back! I’m so sorry… I’m a *sniff* monster!" Tears continued down from his glowing eyes, sobbing. After nearly two hours of gliding through the night, Skyler had caught sight of
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 2 0
CORIUS by DragonGladi8or CORIUS :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 5 1
Fractured Dreams: Chapters 9 + 10
        Skyler watched the sun lower out of view behind the distant mountains, his eyes slowly followed the sun’s motions as he drifted off to sleep. After what felt like a few minutes pass by, he had found himself in an odd variation of the planes he was already among. But everything looked and felt… Different. Everything had reversed coloration, Skyler couldn’t feel the grass, in a way he felt numb. After just one blink, a cloud of black smoke appeared before him, it’s eyes glowed different colors in rapid succession. This “cloud” gave off a threatening feeling, Skyler had noticed it started to take form… Skyler’s demon side! This thing quickly rushed at Skyler, but Skyler realized he could not move nothing but his eyes. The mirror image opened it’s mouth to grotesque lengths after it leaped into the air and gotten within an inch from Skyler until he jumped himself
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 2 0
Zurn Dudovak by DragonGladi8or Zurn Dudovak :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 5 0
Specter-Verse' metals (Blades and Armor)
Adamantine Uru
Located -
Solstice Realm / Asgard
Best known user - Gaea of Metis
A common metal only naturally forged from The Solstice Realm, guarded by The Oracle. This metal shares the raw durability of Adamantine and magical characteristic of Uru one enchanted. Being among one of the lighter metals, it allows the bearer near maximum flexibility despite looking very restricting.
Located -
 Around the galaxy
Best known user - Marcus (The Draco Gladiator)
Prealium is an alloy that can only be manipulated and shaped by those who are masters of manipulating molecules after combining Uru, Vibranium steel, and Adamantium. The alloy bears the combined durability of the three elements, but also has flaws within it's weight being slightly unweilding.
Located -
 Solstice Realm
Best known user - Lazarus (The blade of Marcus)
Another naturally occurring element within The Oracle's realm, this metal is special in the fa
:icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 3 0
The Fire Serpent and The Sleeping Ice Kitba (Color by DragonGladi8or The Fire Serpent and The Sleeping Ice Kitba (Color :icondragongladi8or:DragonGladi8or 6 3


Optimus Prime ( Symbiote). by Hobgoblin42 Optimus Prime ( Symbiote). :iconhobgoblin42:Hobgoblin42 48 35 286yoha Fox by Palmflower 286yoha Fox :iconpalmflower:Palmflower 8 3 The Will for Fight by SymbolHero The Will for Fight :iconsymbolhero:SymbolHero 101 13 Thugs by ShadowKnight49 Thugs :iconshadowknight49:ShadowKnight49 1 2 Cass Chibi |COMM| by F-enne Cass Chibi |COMM| :iconf-enne:F-enne 6 2 Nuwer-Designs Fox by Palmflower Nuwer-Designs Fox :iconpalmflower:Palmflower 10 2 DragonGladi8or Fox by Palmflower DragonGladi8or Fox :iconpalmflower:Palmflower 8 14 Cooper and Luna by Palmflower Cooper and Luna :iconpalmflower:Palmflower 6 5 Wolf meats Angel by zeroviks Wolf meats Angel :iconzeroviks:zeroviks 14 9
Vanquishers Short- Day of the Misfit Men 1
A tall, painted clown-faced, rainbow-mohawked young man gets tumbled to the ground, beaten.
???: (in a deep, gruff yet mild-mannered Chicago accented tone) Hey, Mr. Witty. Can I borrow yer neck pendant?
A spiked, mohawked man engulfed in flames who wears his red, flame-patterned jumpsuit with a leather belt around his waist and wears his spiked collar, wrist cuffs and boots, and wears a pair of black shades, picks up Witty's pendant. the name is Flameface.
Flameface: (dangles the pendant with his left hand) My sweetheart's gonna love my new look.
Suddenly, a large, chalky white, meaty hand grabs Flameface by his shoulder.
Flameface: (gets tugged by his collar from behind) Urgh!
???: (a gruff yet elegant RP accent) Oh no you don't! (with Flameface in his grip, rolls him forward like a wheel and crashes) [a combo of bike skidding sound, horse whining, and car crashing sound]
A towering, muscular teal-mohawked alien man with black shades and those vivid blue eyes; clad in an elegan
:iconthedrkknght:thedrkknght 1 0
[C] Mage by Vampexx [C] Mage :iconvampexx:Vampexx 11 3 delivery! by RealTense delivery! :iconrealtense:RealTense 426 34 SSB for Wii U - 52 - Smash final (Bowser) by Anthyno SSB for Wii U - 52 - Smash final (Bowser) :iconanthyno:Anthyno 3 0 Sadism Mode - On by EmotionCreator
Mature content
Sadism Mode - On :iconemotioncreator:EmotionCreator 32 47
Alternate Costumes 2 colored by EmotionCreator Alternate Costumes 2 colored :iconemotioncreator:EmotionCreator 16 7


Oh boy... The Lighting, the shading, and the light reflection are very well done. The shading I feel, is well spread among the wings, t...

Where to begin? I guess I'll start with what I noticed first (Emphasis). One of the things that caught my eye was the "aura" surroundin...


Simply the best piece in the entire universe The best since Leonardo da vinchi's codes and Mona Lisa. DAN OUTTA DAN 1500/10 REMARKABLE ...


DragonGladi8or's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
:iconkemarux: :iconwolfblade111: :iconslashh-20000: :icon7headvengegnce: :iconthedrkknght: :iconshadowknight49: :iconpalmflower:

I'm a fan of many things, such as stuff from FNaF all the way to HALO. One book I like is
"Enchanted Forest Chronicles" Which is a fun "little" fantasy story containing dragons, princes, princesses, witches/magic. In the second story, it's almost like
"you are the chosen one" theme to it.
Anyways, a little more about me:

Favorite food(s)-
Tuna sandwich, mashed potato's, pasta/SPAGHETTI,
PB sandwich, hot dogs, hamburgers, choc. muffins, and

Favorite Games-
COD:WaW to COD: B. Ops 1, DOOM, Skyrim, HALO, 1066, Warfare 1917 to Warfare 1944, and Checkers.

Favorite Movie's/Shows-
Princess Bride, Predator, Rocky 1 2 3, Pacific Rim,
Real Steel, Godzilla 2014, The Simpsons, Ajin,
Star Wars 4 5 6 7, Hulk Vs, Transformers,
The Water Horse, Terminator 1 2 5, WWE,
and Short Circuit.

Sports I've been in-
Track & Field, Wrestling, Archery, Baseball,
& Martial Arts.

Favorite Youtubers-
Markiplier, Jackcepticeye, TomatoGaming, KuleDud3, M3RKMUS1C,
FaZe Jev, BedBananna, Sky Does Minecraft, Vanoss Gaming,
H2o Delirious, Mini Ladd, ERB, Tiger Productions, WHZGUD2, and Matthew Santoro.

Favorite Bands-
Disturbed, Metallica, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Five Finger Death Punch, Thrice, September Mourning, Sixx:A.M., Escape the Fate, Papa Roach,
Hollywood Undead, and Adelitas Way.

Favorite Superhero(s)/Anti hero(s)-
Hulk, Thor, Punisher, Deadpool, Hercules, Namor, Superman, Sentry,
The Flash, Spider Man, Toxin, Black Widow, Black Panther, Iron Man,
Captain America, She Hulk, Star Lord, Black Bolt, Dr. Strange,
Blue Beetle, Wolverine, Doom Guy, Master Chief, Riddick, Kratos,
Johnny Cage, Lu Kang, Moon Knight, and Colossus.

Favorite Villain(s)-
Doomsday, Carnage, The Lizard, Joker, Deathstroke, Venom, Thanos, Killer Croc, Dormammu, Red Skull, Juggernaut, Onslaught, Boba Fett,
Darth Vader, Dr. Doom, Task Master, Galactus, Anti Monitor, Bane, Ultron,
Lex Luthor, Shao Kahn, and Hannible Lecter.

home work, home work, home work, home work home work, home work, home work, home work..... AND home work!

Other likes-
Cats, Dogs, Lizards, Sleeping, Drawing stuff (duh), chat with friends, and my NOW two little sisters.


Hey guys, I've come to let you know that I will be absent for 6 weeks due to complications with one of my grades. So if I don't respond, I ain't ignoring you guys, but I'm pretty much grounded. See you six weeks. :(
Dragon Form Activate!
Height: 23'4"
Length: 32'
Wingspan: 42'
Weight: 1,980 lb

Dragon God Physiology - User with this ability either is or can transform into a Dragon God, either a dragonic being of divine origin or a Deity.


Omnipotence  - "The ability to be all mighty in every sense and aspect. Its one and only wielder is fundamentally invincible, completely immune to all other powers, and able to defeat the combined might of all creation and its mightiest beings just by wanting it, without the slightest effort."



DragonGladi8or has started a donation pool!
252 / 1,300
Donate if ya feel like, any amount is very much welcomed.
Trying to get a three month core as some goal.

Have a nice day!!!

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